Enrika has just started working in export department

Enrika Juršytė is a mathematician working for AKSA third years. A 25-year-old girl has recently started with new tasks at the company and today she is an Assistant of export chief. Enrika carries out the technical part of projects abroad and manages logistics – it allows to experience something new every day.


Employed after successful internship

Charisma and positivism shining girl started her work in the ferroconcrete enterprise after internship – she carried out various calculations related to the energy of the company and prepared results report for the university.
A girl who has a mathematical mindset and attention to details stayed to work in a quality department. Enrika began working in the quality assurance department of the reinforced concrete company despite she had nothing to do with the construction drawings before – „I looked at some drawings and I do not understand how different they are,“ she remembers. In the long run, preparation for production drawings of reinforced concrete products has become a routine for her. Working in the quality department of AKSA AB requires an exceptional concentration – a slight mistake can lead to huge losses.

The career path was determined by chance

Enrika chose a practice place from two. Her grandparents worked for AKSA in the past – they recommended applying for practice, but the girl did not receive a positive response from the company immediately. Until then she was able to learn the practice of „Senukai prekybos centras“ in the field of e-commerce. Enrika was not so much fascinated about the company AKSA, positive impression was made only by interview with human resource manager.

„At least close to home,“ Enrika decided when finally chose AKSA as a placement. The first day of the practice seemed to be a challenge for the young gImage-8irl – „Energy specialist scared me a lot“ – she now recalls – she received data sheets that they did not even understand right away, but the internship report had to be written.
Working in AKSA Enrika feels like fish in a water now. She is the first person her workmates choose to participate in a corporate game during company’s festivals. „Powerful, friendly, intelligent “- co-workers mention first about Enrika.
Assistant of export chief – the position with great opportunity to improve. Enrique has just completed the Master’s Degree in Business Data Analytics Studies, and the work is no longer necessary to combine with studying as she did before this summer.

Has been working since 16 years

Studies and even 2 different works – Enrika also knows this kind of everyday life. She started her working career from the age of 16, then took the first opportunity to earn money by manually fixing zipper locks.
The young girl has tested a variety of work. While speaking about the experience in a company AKSA she honors workmates – she is happy with a good atmosphere and fun co-operation.

In a childhood Enrika wanted to serve in an army, for the protection of the country – he believes that such a choice was driven by such a father’s profession. Later, the girl chose her path according her talents – she was always more admired in exact science, so she chose math.

Enrika assigns a lot of time to work in a reinforced concrete company. She perfectly recreates herself by watching movies and likes passive holidays with full relaxation. “The sun, the heat, lying in the sun” – she mentions while talking about perfect holidays.

It would not be desirable to go somewhere for long time for her – she is very attached to grandparents – admires them a lot and sees them as a perfect family example.


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