Wall panels

Base plates

AB “Aksa” offers mono-layer and three-layer insulated base plates.
Recommended dimensions of base, walls and balcony plates:
Height – up to 3500 mm; length – up to 9000 mm (in some cases length can reach 11 000 mm).

Wall elements

Prefabricated ferro concrete wall elements – the best choice for quick, warm and economical construction.
The wall elements for prefabricated houses can be three-layer (consisting the inner and outer ferro concrete layers and the layer of thermal-insulation among them).
Three-layer wall elements – it’s a three-layer warm wall panels, consisting the inner and outer ferro concrete layers and insulation layer among them. All these layers are joint by special links. To produce such elements, high resistance concrete, metal armature and thermal insulation materials are used. Prefabricated insulated elements are produced with the thick layer (200 mm) of insulation material, so the high resistance of construction is obtained. Because of this, there is no need for additional construction insulation.
There are various possible types of insulation materials – simple foam insulation, greyish expanded polystyrene insulation (improved strain of white polystyrene – neopor, which allows to reach thermal resistance of 5.78 m2 K/W with a 200 mm layer of insulation materials), mineral wool insulation, polyurethane foam insulation.
A typical structure of the three-layer wall panel:
  • the outer layer of concrete – 80 mm;
  • the layer of insulating material – 200 mm;
  • the inner layer of concrete – 120 mm.
Due to the modern Finnish technology it’s available to reach extremely high resistance of a three-layer construction. The construction can be assembled quickly, the walls are smooth and require a minimal finishing. If the choice is the structure of mono-layer wall element, the constructive part of the building is assembled quickly.
Mono-layer wall elements are consisted of one layer of ferro concrete. Typically, for the partitions of the prefabricated ferro concrete house, 200 mm thick mono-layer elements are used.
AB “Aksa” offers various options of outer wall elements surface finishing. Typical options:
  • smooth concrete surface;
  • scratched surface of the concrete;
  • roller formed embossed surface.
According to customer’s requests, coloured wall elements can be made.

Balcony panel
AB “Aksa” offers balcony panels made by a modern Finnish production line. Modern technological line provides a large production capacity and excellent quality of the production. Recently, the panels were manufactured for the blocks of flats built by AB “YIT Kausta”, houses in Kaunas built by UAB “Atolas”, blocks of flats built by UAB “Struktūra”, Druskininkai sanatorium renovation by UAB “Skirnuva” and etc.