AKSA: people and their stories

Wise man once said „companies are people”. Company AKSA is no exception of that. The company employs people of all ages and interests. All of them have one goal – to bring success for AKSA – what would be impossible without meeting customers’ expectations.

Workmates supporting favourite „Žalgiris" basketball team. First row, in the middle: AKSA CEO Mindaugas Plūkas

Workmates supporting favourite „Žalgiris” basketball team. AKSA CEO Mindaugas Plūkas in the middle of the first row

Saulius Kvieska, AKSA Deputy of CEO presents himself as family person. He has 18 yeas son, 16 years daughter and 2 years old the youngest child. Saulius has been working in AKSA as long as he has daughter and is one of the longest working persons in the precast concrete manufacturing company. Saulius started working in a company 2002, when the yearly revenue was 20 times smaller than 2017 – he sees his contribution to that. “Rapid grow of the company, good customer relationship, positive microclimate of the company – 3 cornerstones kept me so long in one company” – mentions Saulius. AKSA Deputy of CEO enjoys reading – he reads 4-5 books monthly. Since childhood he was huge fan of Kaunas „Žalgiris” basketball team. It is not by chance AKSA is longtime sponsor of legendary team.


Deputy of CEO Saulius Kvieska: with former basketball player, „Žalgiris” coach Šarūnas Jasikevičius; family photo

Lithuanians loves basketball and those who live in Kaunas maybe love a little bit stronger. Chief of precast concrete designing unit Mindaugas Unikas says he is huge fan of Kaunas „Žalgiris” for 25 years already. He plays basketball on his leisure time. Mindaugas enjoys family time – likes riding bikes, being in nature together with his family.

Mindaugas Unikas - just another „Žalgiris" fan, basketball player and family man

Mindaugas Unikas likes spending time with family and playing basketball„Žalgiris” fan, basketball player and family man

Talking about love for nature nothing compares Remigijus Jančauskas – project manager who knows how to find eatable mushrooms in the forest, grow vegetables in the garden and have good apple crop.

Remigijus Jančauskas hobbies: picking mushrooms, lovely dog, gardening

Remigijus Jančauskas hobbies: picking mushrooms, lovely dog, gardening

Nobody can imagine fishing without loving nature – that is why Remigijus is always ready for the friendly talk with precast concrete technology engineer Rimvydas Moceikis, who is sworn fisherman, guitar player and even finds time for studying precast concrete as a science doctor of precast field.

Rimvydas Moceikis likes fishing and guitar

Rimvydas Moceikis likes playing a guitar and fishing

Chief of export sales Laimonas Juška knows how to catch a fish (likes catching predatory fish most) and enjoys exploring few nature elements at the time while using nature friendly equipment. He likes bicycle sport – that means not only ride a bike, but also to take part in the amateur races. Laimonas practices power kite sport, wakeboarding, snowboarding.

Laimonas Juška: many challengies and the big fish

The only AKSA employee who was ever powerful enough to run full marathon is Vilnius region sales manager Sigitas Baltruškevičius.

Sigitas Baltrukškevičius while running marathon

Sigitas Baltrukškevičius while running marathon


Laimonas enjoys challenges so much that we are afraid he could repeat that someday. Another candidate for marathon could be Rūta Laurikaityte, export sales manager, who runs long distances constantly. She is the only ballroom dancer in AKSA. Graceful Rūta enjoys yoga, hiking, travelling, skiing, scuba diving.

Rūta Laurikaitytė hobbies

Rūta Laurikaitytė is gracefull dancer, long distance runner, traveller


Travelling is common hobby for many AKSA workers – that is why they even tried travelling together on their leisure time. Neringa Ambraškienė who is responsible for production planning is one of the sworn travelers. She enjoys reading and likes family celebrations, including homemade food – she is great in cuisine.

Neringa Ambraškienė likes travelling

Neringa Ambraškienė likes travelling

Reading, painting, watching movies – now talking about sales manager Evelina Čėsnaitė. She plays and even leads the party game Mafia, also known as Werewolf and believes it improves many social skills, useful in everyday life.

Evelina Čėsnaitė likes painting and Mafia game

Evelina Čėsnaitė likes painting and Mafia game

Returning to the beginning Saulius is long-time employee, but responsible for storage Tatjana Galinauskienė works longest at all – since 1981. That is incredible! Once she has been nominated for being mother of the company and she truly is. Tatjana is caring team person, who does her every day work with great responsibility and devotion for the company. On her leisure time she enjoys shopping.

Tatjana Galinauskienė works for AKSA since 1981

Tatjana Galinauskienė works for AKSA since 1981

It is only few stories about us, sometimes we get surprised by having on board people that have finished theology studies or by super skills of basketball team management. We are glad to introduce our-self to You as this is what AKSA all about.