Export manager Ruta – certified yoga teacher

Ruta is the export project manager working for AKSA for the third year. The employee not only successfully coordinates the projects of the reinforced concrete company, but also finds time for meaningful trips. Ruta has recently arrived from even a month’s holidays in India, which can’t be called common.

Sport dan20180224_203455cing shifted to yoga

Employees of AKSA AB know Rūta as a professional sports dance dancer. Colleagues repeatedly watched her during various company holidays while dancing for all the gatherings. Still, today, Ruta says sports dance, for at least a certain period of time, to be shifted to yoga. Perhaps in the future, once again, she is planning to train the newlyweds to dance. Still at this stage Ruta wants to spend as much free time as possible for yoga – to teach others and also maximizing this philosophy for own live.

She went to the yoga class for the first time one and a half years ago – despite a skepticism she tried to test this activity. Yoga has been very interesting since the very first lesson, so for a short time chose an intensive yoga course from 2 to 4 times a week.

Ruta thinks she was very fortunate with the first yoga teacher to give her the door to this wonderful philosophy of life. He is well versed not only in yoga asanas and in the ability to adapt them to individual human possibilities, but also speaks of the philosophical side of yoga.

After a year of attending yoga classes, the teacher referred to the yoga teacher training courses in India as a way to improve. Ruta did not hesitate too much and took this opportunity instantly. The organization of the trip and all preparations took about 3 months.


Long vacation for yoga training

Ruta is delighted with understanding export manager Laimonas Juška, who did not hesitate to accept his workload, which would increased because of long Ruta vacation. Thanks to him, Ruta was able to spend the whole month on yoga in India. Yoga training was intensive, so it’s not going to be common vacation. However, Ruth returned spiritually improved and with a different view of life and the renewed inner world.

Yoga classes, which Ruta graduated, was not limited to yoga asanas – they included the philosophy of life. “Yoga is not just asanas. This is also meditation, breathing practice, lifestyle “, says AKSA, export project manager, and notes that in Lithuania, yoga is perceived quite limited – just as physical exercises. Ruta feels the benefits of yoga philosophy in both personal life and work environment – a particular attitude to life is especially helpful in dealing with other people. “With inner peace and positive thoughts, the person naturally passes it on to others,” Ruta shares.

Not the first time in India

Ruta first visited India 3 years ago. He then went on a tour trip with a friend and his parents. The country was already fascinated by her contrasts, culture, food and human friendship, but she had no thoughts about yoga.

The decision to learn yoga and go to India alone required a lot of courage. However, Ruta now calls this the best investment in her life. Although it was not easy at all – sometimes the entire body was annoyed with physical exertion, and the training schedule was very intense – at 5 o’clock morning walk, 21 o’clock must go to bed; 7 lectures per day, of which 3 intensive practices. Sundays were devoted to recreation and self-education.20180227_171402

Yoga lessons were held in the northwest Indian city of Rishikesh – Ruta visited nearby places and temples. There was an opportunity even to take part in local weddings – they were a feast for the whole town, the tables were fulfilled lots of meals, the bride was very decorated, and at the time of the feast they could feel a part of one big family. Traditional Indian weddings take place for up to 3 days and are very important in accordance with local customs.

Comparing the woman’s daily routine in India and in Lithuania, Ruta thought that Lithuanian model was more acceptable to her: in India, many women simply give way to the family, the reconciliation of career and family is not acceptable, as in Western culture, although this provision is slightly changing in larger cities. There have been times when yoga in India was only available to men (yoga could only be physically healthy men), now it has changed. However, everything that is fit for India, far from being applicable to Lithuania, because of the huge cultural differences.

Returned different

The export manager of AKSA says that its changes are noticed by relatives and friends. The yoga school has taught Ruta to become more aware of the environment, to avoid critical assessments. Yoga teaches that people are an integral part of nature and all of us share the same goal – everyone wants to experience happiness and does not want to suffer. Ruta says that one of the biggest disturbances to feel happy is negative thoughts and selfishness, which after a certain time transform into illnesses and various ailments, which often leads to less or more suffering.

People from all over the world came to India at the yoga school. The next Lithuanian, Ruta was recognized only a week later – before that, they both spoke English. Since courses took place in English, everyday communication with the people was possible only in this language, Ruth noticed that during the month he developed his English skills heavily – during this time as an export manager, such experience will not be left unused.

Every day in India was different – they learned something new, got acquainted with new people, took on an internal transformation of personality. Ruta says that spontaneity can bring joy in life. Now she feels she lives “here and now,” she gladdened every minute of her life and does not think about the past.
Ruta has been reading books about yoga and spiritual practice for some time – he thinks that he is the most advanced of good books of autobiographical and spiritual leaders. One is the Dalai Lama whose book content is easy for everyone to understand.

Yoga is a great workday preparation

Ruta’s morning starts with a short 20-minute yoga practice, which is a great way to awaken the body and mind and 10 minutes of meditation to reassure and concentration your thoughts. Morning meditation is especially useful because it helps you prepare for work properly.

Ruta compares human thoughts with an uneasy, wawy sea, thoughts and emotions and opinions “like-do not like” distort our attitude towards the environment or a particular situation that prevents us from making the right decisions. When a person is calm inside, these waves break down and this allows us to see the clear seabed – a real, undisturbed world perception that is not influenced by our opinions or negative emotions such as anger, hatred, and lust. “A person who is calm inside and unhindered by negative, subtle thoughts is much more energetic and energetic,” says Ruta. Such a person can do much more in life, because he is fully focused on what he is doing.
Ruta calmly accepted huge workload, which waited her after trip. Yoga practice helps to manage even the most difficult working situations.

28700853_1530152020415312_7730392875312266636_o Secret of hapiness

In the near future Ruta plans to become involved in the ranks of yoga teachers and teach the philosophy of this life and others. It emphasizes the importance of just breathing, asanas and meditation, not only for health, but also for the peace of mind. AKSA’s export project manager is able to convey the principles of yoga, and believes that this practice can help every person in his everyday life. Ruta, who is deepening her knowledge of yoga, is planning not only to teach yoga others, but also to update her knowledge for a couple of three years.

Ruta noticed that people in India have a calm way of life and take daily routines without stress, looking at others with love and affection. The export project manager believes that Lithuanians are most in need of sincere mutual communication and understanding that we are personally responsible for the creation of a positive global mood. “When you begin to look at everything with love, things are getting better, because we share it with everybody; as a rule, better relations with people and the surrounding environment. ” “People are happier there” – Ruta says about India. The material world does not stop beautiful relationships, there is no place for egotism and hatred.

Ruta says that based on the philosophy of yoga, there are two kinds of happiness – external and internal. The external is temporary and it only gives a sense of happiness for a certain time. How long do we feel happy when we get a new car or a new outfit for example? Inner happiness is eternal and immutable, a state in which a person feels happy without affecting external factors, but it is, of course, much harder to achieve, because it requires a long and patient work with yourself. Looking at Ruta would be hard to doubt her happiness – the eyes of a young girl glow, she speaks of yoga with endless enthusiasm and shares her formula of happiness found with others.


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