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Base plates

A Base Plates
AB “Aksa” offers mono-layer and three-layer insulated base plates.
Recommended dimensions of base, walls and balcony plates:
Height – up to 3500 mm; length – up to 9000 mm (in some cases length can reach 11 000 mm).

Wall elements

Prefabricated ferro concrete wall elements – the best choice for quick, warm and economical construction.
The wall elements for prefabricated houses can be three-layer (consisting the inner and outer ferro concrete layers and the layer of thermal-insulation among them).
Three-layer wall elements – it’s a three-layer warm wall panels, consisting the inner and outer ferro concrete layers and insulation layer among them. All these layers are joint by special links. To produce such elements, high resistance concrete, metal armature and thermal insulation materials are used. Prefabricated insulated elements are produced with the thick layer (200 mm) of insulation material, so the high resistance of construction is obtained. Because of this, there is no need for additional construction insulation.
There are various possible types of insulation materials – simple foam insulation, greyish expanded polystyrene insulation (improved strain of white polystyrene – neopor, which allows to reach thermal resistance of 5.78 m2 K/W with a 200 mm layer of insulation materials), mineral wool insulation, polyurethane foam insulation.
A typical structure of the three-layer wall panel:
  • the outer layer of concrete – 80 mm;
  • the layer of insulating material – 200 mm;
  • the inner layer of concrete – 120 mm.
Due to the modern Finnish technology it’s available to reach extremely high resistance of a three-layer construction. The construction can be assembled quickly, the walls are smooth and require a minimal finishing. If the choice is the structure of mono-layer wall element, the constructive part of the building is assembled quickly.
Mono-layer wall elements are consisted of one layer of ferro concrete. Typically, for the partitions of the prefabricated ferro concrete house, 200 mm thick mono-layer elements are used.
AB “Aksa” offers various options of outer wall elements surface finishing. Typical options:
  • smooth concrete surface;
  • scratched surface of the concrete;
  • roller formed embossed surface.
According to customer’s requests, coloured wall elements can be made.

Balcony panel
AB “Aksa” offers balcony panels made by a modern Finnish production line.
Modern technological line provides a large production capacity and excellent quality of the production. Recently, the panels were manufactured for the blocks of flats built by AB “YIT Kausta”, houses in Kaunas built by UAB “Atolas”, blocks of flats built by UAB “Struktūra”, Druskininkai sanatorium renovation by UAB “Skirnuva” and etc.


Pillars are one of the main AB “Aksa” products. Income from pillars production is about 30% of the total income from ferro concrete production.

In the last couple of years AB “Aksa” has expanded the range of manufactured pillars. The production equipment was modernized and the production capacity was significantly expanded when the Visaginas ferro concrete factory was purchased. Our company offers pillars with various cross-section, starting with the usual: 300*300, 400*400, 500*500, and various other necessary cross-sections (400*500, 400*600, 500*600, 400*700, 400*800, 500*700, 500*800, 1000*1000) pillars. Modern technological equipment is used to manufacture these pillars, which allows to redevelop the cross-sections of the pillars in several hours.

AB “Aksa” produces pillars which length can reach up to 28 m, possible weight is up to 25 tons. Various types of the pillars are produced:

  • with cantilevers (brackets);
  • widening at the top (“head”);
  • chamfered (beveled corners);

Pillars are made according to customer’s drawings, also there is an opportunity develop drawings according to the needs of customer.


The range of AB “Aksa” manufactured beams:

  • 24 m ferroconcrete cladding beams (produced by Series PK 01-06);
  • 18 m ferroconcrete cladding beams (produced by Series 1.462.1-16);
  • 12 m beams (produced by Series 1.462.1-1/81);
  • 9 m beams (produced by Series 1.462.1-10/80);
  • 8 m beams (produced by Complex 5481).

Ferroconcrete beams are used for industrial, storage, agricultural buildings with flat or slope roof. Roof can be from AB “Aksa” manufactured ferroconcrete cladding beams.

The advantages of ferroconcrete cladding beams produced by AB “Aksa”:

  • fire resistance, so there is no need for additional fire resistance procedures;
  • excellent performances;
  • ferroconcrete beams does not require for additional care (anti-corrosion painting and etc.);
  • beams can be used in the open air (in each specific case ferroconcrete frost-resistance has to be evaluated);
  • resistance to chemically aggressive environment;
  • construction optimality;
  • large areas of the building can be re-covered – building space can be used more rational and the need for other building constructions can be reduced.

Frame beams

AB “Aksa” produces frame beams for residential, public, industrial buildings and engineering networks.

Types of frame beams for residential and public buildings:

  • UK-1 frame with one (width 420 mm) or two (width 540 mm) shelves, frame beams height is 400 mm and length is up to 7.6 m;
  • Frame beams from Series 1.020 are produced for the overlay panels of height 450 mm and for type TP ribbed overlay panels (height 600 mm);
  • 450 mm high frame beams are produced with one (width 482 mm) or two (565 mm) shelves up to 6.86 m length, the maximum load – 11 t/m;
  • 600 mm high frame beams are produced with one (width 490 mm) or two (580 mm) shelves up to 8.56 m length, the maximum load – 18 t/m.

Frame beams for industrial buildings:

  • Series 1.020 (the same as previously described), Series II23 and 1.420 multistory industrial framework (pillars spacing 6x6 m, 6x9 m, frame beams height – 800 mm).

Frame beams for the engineering networks:

  • according to the complex K.0071 (800 mm height, up to 6.8 m length), intended for the rectangular chambers and manholes claddings of heating, water supply and sewerage networks under the street roadway.



Lintel title L B H Holding capacity (including its own weight), kg/m2 Product weight, t
Non-holding lintels M12 1200 120 90 330 0,033
M16 1600 120 90 284 0,017
M20 2000 120 90 325 0,022
M24 2400 120 188 255 0,136
M26-1 2600 120 90 128 0,071
M26 2600 120 188 510 0,146
M28 2800 120 188 438 0,1575
M30 2800 120 188 380 0,169
Holding lintels MU-14 1400 120 188 2940 0,08
MU-16 1600 120 188 4000 0,09
MU-18 1800 120 188 3780 0,102
MU-20 2000 120 188 2970 0,119
MU-22 2200 250 188 3900 0,258
MU-24 2400 250 188 2480 0,28
MU-26 2600 250 188 3250 0,308
MU-28 2800 250 188 3250 0,330
MU-30 2990 250 188 3250 0,358
MU-30-1 2980 120 290 3700 0,260
MU-32 3180 120 290 3700 0,278
MU-33-2 3280 250 188 3250 0,353

AB “Aksa” manufactures extruded overlay panels for residential, administrative and industrial buildings.

AB “Aksa” installed modern extrusion.

Concrete blocks for building – it is a worldwide popular building material. “BROLIS” blocks are manufactured by vibro-pressing methods, using modern American technology. Materials used in production – cement, sand, water, structural materials improvers.

Advantages of “BROLIS” concrete blocks:

  • exceptionally accurate geometrical dimensions;
  • extremely high compressive strength;
  • non-inflammability;
  • various choice of shapes, dimensions and colors;
  • good sound insulation properties;
  • cost-efficiency.

Because of the “BROLIS” blocks dimensional accuracy and smoothness of surface, there is no need to necessarily plaster the wall. Concrete “BROLIS” blocks are with holes – different sized holes consist 30-48 % of the total blocks’ mass. Average density of the blocks is 1400 kg/m3.

Because of the high compressive strength, “BROLIS” blocks are suitable for multi story buildings.

AB “Aksa” offers concrete “BROLIS” blocks made by a modern American technological line, they are certified in the center of the building production certification (certificate of conformity No. 1397-CPD-0158).

Main areas of “BROLIS” blocks’ application:

  • bricklaying of the mono-layer and multi-layer exterior walls;
  • bricklaying of the inside partitions;
  • construction of the foundation and socle;
  • fence constructions;
  • construction of retaining walls;
  • installation of ventilation;
  • filling the holes.

More info:


Income from ferro concrete products for agriculture is an important source of all the company income, so the farmers and agricultural companies have an important place among the customers of our company.

The declarations of compliance are issued for all the products of AB “Aksa”, so farmers requesting our products can use the European Union funding.

AB “Aksa” Sales Department – it is team of young, energetic and professional experienced employees. Representatives of the company regularly attend farmers and take interest in production applications in specific agricultures. Therefore, our employees are well aware of the specifics of this area and can offer the best solution for your farm.


Manure storage

  • manure storage is intended for liquid consistency manure;
  • the product is collectable from the individual elements – ribbed ferro concrete panels (2.4 x 4.0 m) tightened with steel cables. Depending on the number of panels, manure storage capacity can be from 463 to 4219 m3;
  • an aggressive chemical environment resistant concrete is used for the production of panels;
  • the number of ferro concrete elements is selected depending on the requested capacity of the manure storage;
  • if the customer requests, AB “Aksa” can recommend the building companies or individually working persons with the practice in manure storage installation.


Silo site

Silo sites are intended for storage of silage and dense manure. They are made from reinforced wall panels GSP-1 (dimensions 3.0 x 2.9 x 0.16 m), which are placed in the base plates of the SPP-1 (dimensions 1.5 x 1.0 x 0.4 m).An aggressive chemical environment resistant concrete is used for the production.

Floor panels for cowsheds and piggeries

Piggery floor panel GPL-2

(dimensions 2.88 x 0.392 x 0.1 m). Carrying capacity 170 kg/m2.

Cowsheds floor panel GPL-30

(dimensions Ę.00 x 0.495 x 0.15 m). Carrying capacity 800 kg/m2 (maximal length is up to 3.7 m, actual length can be produced according to your needs).

For the carriageway the reinforced floor panel GPL-32S are used (dimensions 3.2 x 0.495 x 0.25 m). Carrying capacity is 14 tons for axle (maximal length is up to 3.2 m, actual length can be produced according to your needs).

An aggressive chemical environment resistant concrete is used for the production of these floor panels.


Half-frames for framework of the agricultural buildings

Half-frames are used for frameworks of the farms, farm buildings, warehouses, which passage width can be 18 or 21 meters. These half-frames ensure fast and low cost gathering of the building shell. For the full gathering of building shell we can also offer foundation, wall and overlay panels.

If you need a wider building, in place of half-frames AB “Aksa” can offer 24 m length roofing beams.

Compared with metallic structures, the advantage of the half-frames is that there is no need to paint them with a fire-resistant paints, which allows to lower the estimate of construction.

Reservoirs/liquid waste containers

AB “Aksa” produces reservoirs, which can also be used as fire tanks or liquid waste containers. The external dimensions of the container is 6 x 3.24 x 1.7 m, capacity ~26 m3. Can be installed next to each other or joining one on the other (in this case the seam sealing is required). Combining containers over one another the capacity can be increased up to 52 m3, the upper container is equipped with special holes, through which can be carried out further supervision of the containers. Weight of one reservoir is about 12 tons.

The company also provides the delivery service of complete sets of containers and other agricultural production.

To download information about agricultural products, click here.

AB „Aksa“ product line includes ferro concrete products for the construction, repair and reconstruction of bridges and viaducts. The production of bridge elements are manufactured in accordance with the requirements for standards established by “Certification Center of Construction Production” and matches the marking of CE.

AB “Aksa” is one of the largest ferro concrete factories in Lithuania. Because of its experience, the factory is able to produce various non-standard products which can be applied not only in the constructions of various buildings, but also in the construction of bridges and viaducts.

Groups of product:

  • mudsill;
  • transition panel;
  • partition blocks;
  • elements of slopes and bridge bypath;


Concrete used in the production of bridge elements:

C25/30 XF2, C30/37 XC3, C50/60 XC1, C45/55 XC1, C40/50 XC3.

SPSC certificate issued: 2012-08-14, No.: 1397-CPD-0397,


Road panels

AB “Aksa” produces ferroconcrete road panels PDN for the road surfacing.

Dimensions of product (Length x Width x Height)*:

  • 6000 x 2000 x 140 mm.
  • Weight of product:
  • 4200 kg.


*Ask individually about the possibility to manufacture the road plate with other dimensions.