AB “AKSA” precast concrete products used for the construction of the elementary school implemented by Conresta in Sweden

AB „AKSA” precast concrete products, such as heated external and internal walls and filigran-type slabs, were used to build primary school in Sweden.

The construction of 3-storey 1150 m2 school buildings, constructive design, supply and installation works was carried out by one of the largest construction companies in Lithuania – „Conresta”, and the volume of supply of reinforced concrete products was about 300 000 EUR.

Laimonas Juška, the export manager of AKSA, is pleased with the long-term cooperation with „Conresta” and the fact that „Lindens Forskola” primary school has become one more successful achievement. “We work with professionals who pay much attention to project planning and effective process management, which has proven successful – not only in the implementation of projects in Lithuania, but also in foreign countries. In preparation for the work in Sweden, together with the „Conresta” team, we assessed the potential risks and carried out all the preparatory work – that is how all projects must be implemented, “he convinced.

The reinforced concrete products supplied for the primary school were distinguished by the elements of the outer walls, the surface of which was made using RECKLI matrices. As the horizontal wall elements were chosen for the building, it was necessary to ensure the overlapping of facade relief patterns.

Although primary school was the first project in Sweden for „Conresta”, the results exceeded expectations. Constructive design was carried out in the environment of BIM (Informational Static Modeling), so any possible errors or inaccuracies could be eliminated before the start of construction, and the company also perfectly matched the product delivery processes. Since they were transported to Sweden from Lithuania, the project team made a timetable for product installation and delivery, which was agreed with the precast concrete manufacturing plant and the transportation company in advance. Due to responsible planning and close cooperation with partners among “Aksa” and „Conresta” construction work was completed earlier than planned. „Conresta” is implementing two more construction projects in Sweden at the moment.



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