Let’s remember holidays

Indian summer days in Lithuanian now is good time to remember holidays. Good memories can color even the grayest sky autumn day. Probably some of you know some AKSA people on a daily work basis. „All work and no play" – that is not about AKSA personnel. They all have...

Export manager Ruta – certified yoga teacher

Ruta is the export project manager working for AKSA for the third year. The employee not only successfully coordinates the projects of the reinforced concrete company, but also finds time for meaningful trips. Ruta has recently arrived from even a month's holidays in...

AKSA visited RECKLI trainings in Germany

AKSA AB is constantly interested in technological innovations in the manufacture of reinforced concrete, therefore the invitation of the long-term representative of RECKLI in Lithuania, Delta Nova to deepen knowledge was gladly received. The company took part in...

Company launches export project in Latvia: AMALVA

In the second half of July, we started the production of another very important and significant project for reinforced concrete products. At present, construction works are already underway - the Amalva Baltija, which manufactures ventilation equipment, is starting to...


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