Mission, vision and values

The family of AB „Aksa“– it‘s a second home.

Employees are working by the model of family or team in which works, responsibilities, rights and liberties are shared with each other.

The values of AB “Aksa”:

  • Strength/constancy/stability – to reach your aims and results with confidence and focused, despite the occurred problems and disturbance.
  • Continuous improvement – employees are constantly encouraged to renew, improve and optimize their work. By applying the innovations (technologies, organization, management) we are keeping step with the changing market and its desires. We are able to be socially sensitive and keep our economy environment-friendly.
  • Liberty of thoughts and actions – employees are able to express their will, defend their position and take actions representing their position responsibly. Only when we are free, we are able to make decisions not only for ourselves but also for the others
  • Being a constant and stable, but also free and constantly improving, “Aksa” itself collects all the best values for any family to function and survive the ups and downs.