Let’s remember holidays

Indian summer days in Lithuanian now is good time to remember holidays. Good memories can color even the grayest sky autumn day. Probably some of you know some AKSA people on a daily work basis. „All work and no play” – that is not about AKSA personnel. They all have leisure fun and experience great holidays.

AKSA export manager LAIMONAS JUŠKA is famous among coworkers by choosing not only interesting, but also extremely active holidays. Three on a bike, including dog – he and his wife travelled in Germany moving pedals and delighted by nature and German order .


Holidays of export manager Laimonas Juška

To celebrate the Centennial of the restored Lithuania, SAULIUS KVIESKA, the Deputy General Manager of AKSA and his family tried to take part in various celebrations. July 6, Statehood Day in Lithuania all Lithuanians have a tradition to sing Hymn of Lithuania publicly. Saulius together with family and friends sang hymn in Visaginas – city, where one of AKSA manufacturing divisions is located. That was very interesting experience as Visaginas is not famous for strong lithuanian traditions. August 23 Lithuania remembers The Baltic Way or Baltic Chain (also Chain of Freedom) – that was a peaceful political demonstration that occurred on 1989. This year Saulius together with family members jointed the memorial event in Nida seaside.


The Mediterranean Sea cuise – that is about Kaunas manufacturing and technical manager RAIMUNDAS JUDICKAS holidays. He visited 7 cities in 3 different countries – Savona, Marsell, Barselona, Palma de Mallorca, Palermo, Rome, Milan.


Visaginas manufacturing manager ANDRIUS SATKŪNAS spent a vacation with his family in Neringa. Andrius refers vacation is not only the official week when he is absent at work, but also all leisurely non-working hours. „The road of a beaver” – that was one of the entertainment he and his son had during one summer weekend (please see photo below, in the middle).


Financier – project manager Marius Plečkaitis spent his holidays with friends in Corfu island (Greece).


Visaginas project manager LIUDMILA GOLUBKOVA spent her holidays travelling in Lithuania – visiting lots of historic places together with her family. “At the beginning of the holiday period, our eyes tend to go abroad, and very often we do not even suspect that there are a lot of interesting and impressive places here in Lithuania.” – she says. Liudmila believes every person should know the history of native country – while travelling she gladly educates her children about that.


AKSA personnel also spent team building weekend together – visited fishing and hunting museum, tasted fish soup, pulled cannoyes, played or just watched unconventional football and had evening entertainment.


Sightseeing before and eating after. Company events are not only for the workers, but for their family members too – weekends must be spent with the ones we love.


AKSA1AKSA unites many different persons, so workmates had many different activities. Besides, we work too, so if you have some need for precast concrete, just ask.


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