Company launches export project in Latvia: AMALVA

In the second half of July, we started the production of another very important and significant project for reinforced concrete products. At present, construction works are already underway – the Amalva Baltija, which manufactures ventilation equipment, is starting to build the largest plant in the Baltic States, which will produce fire and smoke valves with Komfovent brand. SC „AKSA” supplies 18 meters long reinforced concrete beams and reinforced concrete roof slabs of 3 × 12 meters and 3 × 6 meters to this object.

SC „AKSA” project is important and significant in several aspects – this is primarily an export project, and increasing exports is a strategic task for us. The second is export to Latvia. Latvia is the closest neighbor of Lithuania, but we have not been able to boast great export achievements in this country. It’s nice that in 2017 we have even two significant projects – Riga Akropolis and this new project – both times our precast concrete will travel to Latvia. Well, and most importantly, the new export project is a very good example of continued cooperation.

The customer JSC „Amalva”, a Lithuanian capital company engaged in the manufacture of ventilation and conditioning equipment. JSC “Amalva” has manufacturing units not only in Lithuania, but also in Latvia and Russia, while trading subsidiaries are located in Germany, Sweden, Belarus. UAB „Amalva” (Lithuanian company) income in 2016. exceeded 37 million EUR. The company currently employs over 500 employees.

Amalva Lentvaris precast concrete

SC “AKSA” ​​reinforced concrete beams in 2009 built in “AMALVA” facility in Lentvaris

Cooperation between „AKSA” and „Amalva” began in 2008 when – we were supplying beams for the manufacturing plant in Lentvaris. The volume of supply was record high at that time. 2011 JSC “Amalva” has been developing its factory and again the reinforced concrete constructions were manufactured by SC “AKSA”. 2017 construction of a factory in Latvia will be provided with roof structures – 27 units, 18 meters length beams, 15 units, 6 meters length beams, 140 units cover plates 3 x 12 and 44 units. Cover plates 3 x 6, the volume of supply will exceed 300000 EUR. Such examples of continuity of cooperation, when a successful completion of the previous object, the client passes on to the next object, we are particularly important and encouraging, which shows that the efforts of „AKSA” to ensure the quality of the products and the timeliness of supply are valued by our customers.

The precast supply for the Amalva project is implemented by the export manager Laimonas Juška and his colleague, Rūta Laurikaitytė.


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