AB „Aksa“ staff is constatly expanding.

If you are experienced precast concrete industry professional, feel free to contact us and gather more information about vacancies in your field.


Aurelija Vatkevičienė
Personnel Manager
Please send your CV by an e-mail:
AB „Aksa“, Elektrėnų g. 10, Kaunas, III floor, Personnel Manager
Our company is socially responsible, so wesimulate students to perform their practice in production and administration. After acquiring work experience it is easier to integrate into the labor market. So, if you want to realize yourself and apply your knowledge in practice, we are happy to invite you to join our team. Trainees and their achievements:

  • Gediminas Grikis, Kauno kolegija/University of Applied Sciences:

2013-2014; general project of AB “Aksa” active sales manager Vytautas Valavičius and  Gediminas Grikis prepared in developing and transforming the agro-environment of the factory area.

  • Rasa Davilevičiūtė, Kauno kolegija/University of Applied Sciences:

2013-2014; took practice in the Staff division, research was performed “Social responsibility expression in the management of the company’s human resources”, interesting results and conclusions were given.